Park Homes

Planning guidance for a park home / lodge to be used as a residential annexe in your garden.
Siting a park home or lodge for use as a residential annexe can be a fantastic way to avoid planning permission and may substantially increase the value of your property. Below we have outlined some of the key factors, which specifically apply to park homes and lodges that you will need to adhere to:
The lodge / park home must be sited in the curtilage of a house (the land immediately surrounding the house such as a drive or garden).
The park home / lodge must be used by a family member or as guest accommodation and not rented as a private residence or business premises etc.
The structure of the park home / lodge must conform to the legal definition of a 'caravan'. All Project Modular park homes and lodges, although built to residential standard BS 3632, are legally defined as 'caravans' as they are built and transported on a chassis.
Caravans in Gardens - Overview of the Law
A 'caravan', regardless of whether it is a touring caravan or a BS 3632 residential park home or lodge, is regarded as movable personal property and there is no public law preventing one being kept in a garden. There are however laws that regulate the use of land.
Siting a park home / lodge within the garden of a property does not require express consent, provided there is no 'material change of use'. Gardens are to be used for the enjoyment of the main dwelling / house. If a park home / lodge is parked in a drive or sited in a garden and used by members of the household in connection with the house, or as extra accommodation for visiting guests, then provided the occupants continue to use the facilities of the house, the siting of the park home / lodge has not changed the 'use' of the land. If however a park home / lodge is sited in a garden and used as a business premises, separately rented or used as an independent home, with no relation to the main house, the local planning authority could decide that an unauthorised 'material change of use' has occurred and planning permission would be required.
In a nutshell; Project Modular park homes and lodges can be sited and used in a garden as a granny annex, without the need for planning consent, as long as there is no ''material change of use'.